Test 2 Study Guide

  • Know the steps for solving linear programming problems in two variables
  1. Find constraints (this is a list of inequalities) and objective function
  2. Graph feasible set. (Suggestion: Find the x and y intercepts of each constraint line), and list the vertices of the feasible set.
  3. Test each vertex in the objective function until you find the optimum (minimum or maximum) vertex.
  • Be able to carry out each of the steps above
  • For applicable linear programming problems: Be able to eliminate all but two variable by using an equation from the word problem (As in the shipping example we did recently.)
  • Be able to explain why an interior point in the feasible set is never optimal
  • Know how you can find a vertex of the feasible set when it has three variables
    • Be able to solve a linear system, and verify the solution (the intersection point) is feasible or not feasible
  • Know the steps involved in the Simplex Method
  • Given a recipe for the set of vertices of a feasible set, a recipe for finding the neighbors of a vertex, the objective function and a starting vertex, you should be able to carry out the Simplex Method
  • Know the definition of a set and a subset
    • Be able to explain the difference between a set and a list
    • Be able to list all of the subsets of a given set