Syllabus Finite Mathematics MA 114-002


  • Instructor: Emily Barnard
  • Office: Language and Computer Labs (map) Room 108
  • Office hours: Tuesday 11:30AM-1:30PM or by appt
  • Email:

Course description

Welcome to finite mathematics! We will start the semester with elementary matrix algebra including arithmetic operations, inverses, and systems of equations. Next we will tackle to linear programming problems in two dimensions, finishing with a discussion of the simplex method. Then we’re onto sets and counting techniques, elementary probability including conditional probability. We’ll finish the semester out with Markov chains; applications in behavioral, managerial and biological sciences.

Course materials

  • Textbook: Goldstein, Schneider, and Segal, Finite Mathematics and Its Applications, 11th edition, Pearson, 2013.
  • 5 blank blue books
  • Optional: Non-graphing calculator
  • We will NOT be using MyMath Lab


Grade break down

  • 10% Participation and quizzes
  • 40% Tests
  • 50% Exam
A+ 100-98 B+ 89-88 C+ 79-78 D+ 69-68 F 59-0
A  97-93 B  87-83 C  77-73 D  67-63
A- 92-90 B- 82-80 C- 72-70   D- 62-60

The above is intended as a guideline only– actual letter grades may differ by up to half a letter grade. The best way to receive a good grade in this course is to demonstrate improvement and a sincere effort to learn the material.


In accordance with university policy, attendance will be taken. For excused absences you must present me in writing with the reason for your absence within 24 hours of the absence. Your absence will be considered on a case by case basis. If you have 5 or fewer absences, then your final exam grade can be used to replace your lowest test grade.

  • What counts as an absence?
  • Missing at least one half of lecture (no show; leaving early or arriving late)
  • Having your laptop computer open during lecture; sleeping, doing work for another class; reading the newspaper; texting
  • Tardiness counts as half an absence; students are tardy if they appear ten minutes after class begins


I will give weekly quizzes at the start of every Thursday class (with the exception of the first quiz, which will take place at the start of class on Thursday January 14). Quiz problems will either come directly from lecture examples or homework assignments. Occasionally, I may assign a take-home quiz.


There will be four tests given in addition to the final exam. The dates for the tests are given below:
Test 1 :: Tuesday January 26
Test 2 :: Tuesday February 16
Test 3 :: Thursday March 17
Test 4 :: Thursday April 7
Final Exam :: Thursday April 28, from 8-11 AM
Note: The final exam can only be rescheduled if the student has 3 exams within a 24 hour period and has obtained prior departmental approval.

Test make-up and re-grading policy

Test make-up policy

The test make-up policy is in accordance with the University policy.

All anticipated absences must be excused IN ADVANCE of the test date. These include University duties or trips (certified by an appropriate faculty or staff member), required court attendance (certified by the Clerk of Court), or religious observances (certified by the Department of Parent and Family Services 515−2441). You need to schedule a time to take the test BEFORE the scheduled test date.

Emergency absences must be reported not more than one week after returning to class and must be appropriately documented. (Illness by an attending physician or family emergencies by Parent and Family Services).

Make-ups for oversleeping, car trouble, or any excuse not approved by the university may only be given ON THE DAY OF THE TEST. Get in touch with me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE on that day. Tests given in this case will be scheduled to accommodate the instructor, not necessarily the student.

Regrading Policy

Tests must be presented to me no later than one week after the test has been returned, with a written record of your grading issue attached to the test.  Do not alter the original work. The entire test may be regraded, and the test grade may remain may decrease, remain the same, or increase.

Students with disabilities

Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities. In order to take advantage of available accommodations, students MUST register with Disability Services for Students at 1900 Student Health Center, Campus Box 7509, 515 − 7653, AND THEN meet with me prior to the test date. Please see the Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Regulations (REG02.20.1).

Code of student conduct

The code of student conduct must be upheld. Documentation will be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct for students who violate the University regulations on academic integrity.